Lieutenant Commander Deianira Coldbright

Name Deianira Coldbright

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 49

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 140 lbs.
Hair Color Auburn
Eye Color Grey


Father Jeffrey Coldbright
Mother Theodora Castallanos

Personality & Traits

Personal History Deianira was born and raised on the planet Grazer, homeworld of the Grazerite people. Her mother, Theodora Castallanos was a xenoanthropologist studying the unique cultural and societal practices of the planet’s natives. To gain the best perspective on the Grazerite’s way of life Theodora completely immersed herself, living as one of them. The basic social unit among the Grazerites is the upsol, a conglomeration of anywhere from a hundred to five hundred individuals who work, relax, eat, and ruminate together. They are often related to one another by blood, but upsols consisting entirely of unrelated individuals also exist, and behave no differently than their more common counterparts. Grazerite life centers on the group, not the individual. So, when Theodora’s daughter, Deianira was born, she was raised among the upsol that had taken in her mother. In fact, it was with Deianara’s birth that Theodora was granted full citizenship, becoming an honorary Grazerite citizen, allowing her to participate in their upsol’s deliberations and in the planet’s consensus democracy - right achieved by all Grazerites upon the ‘first-birth’ of a child.

As part of the upsol, Deianira was educated and raised by all the adult members of the group. A quiet and thoughtful people, Grazerites provide an excellent education to their youths which allows them to succeed in a variety of careers on their homeworld and throughout the Federation. As the only human child in their upsol, Deianira was more attached to her birth parents, Theodora, than most Grazerites, who maintain some affection for their parents, but see the entire adult group of the upsol as their parents. As a child, Deianira’s closest friend was a young Grazerite boy, Ilwejj-Illweiy who was born the same week as she was, and their mother’s first-birth rituals were co-joined because of the timing.

While Deianira was raised by her mother and the rest of their upsol, her father was not absent from her life. Jeffrey Coldbright was a Starfleet diplomatic security officer assigned to the Federation embassy located in the Grazer’s capital city. Because of her father’s influence, Deianira was infatuated with Starfleet from an early age, and made it her goal to one day sail among the stars. So, at age 17 both she and her best friend, Ilwejj-Illweiy departed Grazer for Earth, where they had been accepted into Starfleet Academy. During their time there the pair were assigned to different squadrons, and while they were not almost always together as they had been on Grazer, the pair still made time to maintain their association while on Earth. As a member of Theta squadron, Deianira discovered her hidden talent for leadership that she had been unable to display while living with the upsol on Grazer. She also found that she was quite intuitive and gifted at reading people.

After completing her time at the Academy, Deianira went on to continue her education and hone her talents at the Delthara University Complex on Alpha Centauri IV. There she obtained an advanced degree in Cross-Cultural Psychology. The two years she spent away from Starfleet pursuing her counseling credentials was the longest that she had been away from her lifelong companion and friend, Ilwejj-Illweiy. Deianira returned to Starfleet and was assigned to the U.S.S. Challenger with the rank of lieutenant junior grade.

Deianira served aboard the Challenger for a number years as a junior officer in the counseling department. While on the Galaxy-class ship, she was not only responsible for tending to the psychological well-being of the crew but also assisting in diplomatic situations, due to the Challenger’s mission exploring the Rusarkis Sector. It was during a particularly rocky first contact situation with the Zephians that Deianira was given an opportunity to shine. With the ship’s chief counselor away at a symposium, and the assistant department head sick in the infirmary, Deianira was called upon to directly assist the ship’s captain in concluding the episode peacefully. What had begun as an open firefight, thanks to the Zephians reverence for military might, turned into a fruitful alliance. The entire episode earned Deianira a promotion to full lieutenant.

Shortly after, the Dominion War broke out and the Challenger was recalled to support the ongoing combat effort along the Cardassian border. This also necessitated changes in the ship’s crew complement, and Deianira was transferred to another ship because the counseling department was being reduced to make space for more security personnel and combat troops.

Deianira took a new position aboard the U.S.S. Hope, an Olympic-class hospital ship assigned to the war effort. The Hope was primarily used for rescue and evacuation operations. As the vessel’s chief counselor, she was not only responsible for overseeing the mental health of the crew and managing the counseling staff onboard, but also offered evaluation and treatment to soldiers suffering from PTSD and civilian refugees fleeing the violence. Despite the Hope’s status as a medical vessel, it did occasionally come under fire from enemy troops during the war. After a harrowing battle toward the end of the Dominion War, Deianira and several crew members and patients were trapped in a damaged area of the ship. As the ranking officer, she assumed the responsibility of leading the group to safety through the Hope’s jeffries tubes. It was this experience that led to Deianira taking the bridge officer’s exam.

Following the conclusion of the war, Deianira remained aboard the Hope and continued to oversee the counseling department. The ship was generally confined to the heartland of the Federation and was often dispatched to deal with emergency situations, such as planetary evacuations and disease pandemics. She also took a temporary leave of absence during this time to attend the Starfleet Command School back on Earth. She returned to the Hope with a promotion to lieutenant commander.

Approximately two years later, the Hope’s executive officer was killed in action while assisting in search and rescue operations inside the Plexion Nebula. Deianira was moved into the vacant position. Shortly after, the Hobus Incident occurred perpetuating a flood of refugees from Romulan space. The Hope was moved to the Romulan front, where their primary responsibility was offering aid to those fleeing the collapse of the first Romulan Star Empire. As the Klingons were keen to take advantage of the regional instability and infighting raged between Romulan and Reman factions vying for control of the empire’s ashes, the hospital ship was again frequently called into heavy combat areas as a support vessel.

While conflict continued between the Tal Shiar backed Romulan Empire and the civilian Romulan Republic, Deianira spent the next few years working with the Hope’s crew in the area of the former Neutral Zone. Attacked by Tal Shiar forces during a mission to deliver much needed medical supplies to the fledgling Romulan Republic, the Hope was critically damaged necessitating a full evacuation of the ship prior to a warp core breach. The offending Tal Shiar ship was destroyed moments later by the intercession of Starfleet and Republic ships, who then rescued the Hope’s crew in something of an ironic twist.

While most of the Hope’s crew were shipped back to Earth to await reassignment, Deianira found herself hungry for a change. Taking the opportunity for some self-reflection she travelled back to Grazer and spent several months with her upsol. After the time with her mother and adopted family, Deianira found herself looking back fondly on her time onboard the U.S.S. Challenger and her diplomatic experiences then. Deianira sought out a recommendation from her former commanding officers for Starfleet’s Pike School of Diplomacy. With recommendations in hand, Deianira relocated to Tycho City on Luna to attend the intensive two year program.

fter completing her advanced diplomatic training, Deianira accepted a position with the Federation’s permanent delegation to the far off Gathet Primacy. While the Primacy had no interest in Federation membership, they were keen on the idea of a lasting trade agreement and intelligence sharing operations. Working with ambassador Charles Walker and admiral Bridlee k’Tashan the agreement was signed within the year. While ambassador Walker was to remain on the Gathet throneworld, admiral k’Tashan was reassigned to Starfleet Command on Earth in order to manage a new expeditionary mission. Having forged a good working relationship with Deianira she offered her the position of commanding officer for the ship that would spearhead the mission into an area of the Beta Quadrant known as The Preserve. Deianira spent the next several months living at the Hephaestus Fleetyards in the Sarona System of the Bon Turani sector overseeing the refit of the U.S.S. Polaris for its mission.