Lieutenant JG Francesco Saldo

Name Francesco Giuseppe "Gio" Saldo

Position Chief Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human (Italian Descent)
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2"
Weight 188
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green (trending towards Blue)
Physical Description Athletic build, sharp bone structure, dark olive toned skin, light on his feet, maintains personal appearance and hygiene with passion, prefers fitted clothing and tried to over dress, a lot. Shaves sometime twice a day to maintain the “just right” look. Tries to keep a slight smile always, even when he has to force it.


Spouse none
Children none
Father Luigi Saldo (Freighter Captain)
Mother Anna-Maria Saldo
Brother(s) none
Sister(s) none
Other Family Uncle Franco Saldo – Starfreighter Captain
Uncle Paulo Saldo – Star Freighter Captain
Grandfather Franco Saldo – Owner Saldo Freight and Transport

Personality & Traits

General Overview Lighthearted, committed to the ways and ideals of the Federation, quick to defend the upright morals and lawfulness of the Federation, feels haunted by his past as a freighter kid/worker.
Strengths & Weaknesses loyal to a fault, distrust of family traditions, trying to forget his heritage/family connections, sees scams playing out instinctively, capable of finding fixes for problems without the id of sophisticated systems, but hates to do it.
Ambitions Would like to rise to command his own Starfleet Ship one day without any family involvement
Hobbies & Interests Soccer, Bocci, Dancing, Swimming, technological advances (“tinker”)

Personal History Giuseppe grew up in his family’s business. He is the last Male Saldo alive. His family freight and transport business has been plying the star for seven generations. He was born in Naples in the shadow of Mount Vesuvius but has never lived there for more than one week. His family has its business headquartered there but he has never been allowed to live or work there. His entire life was spent on one Star Freighter or another either with his father, or one of his two uncles. He hated the life of Star Freighters.

His grandfather promised him a day when he could leave the business and go to Starfleet. That promise never materialized. His parents had one child, him. His uncles were so busy working Star Freighters, like his dad, they never settled down and had families of their own. The conversations amongst the males of the Saldo family have always centered on strong family ties, and none of the family had children. Giuseppe’s Grandmother, Regina Saldo stated for years before her untimely death in an engine room aboard a Saldo Freighter that the family was cursed to never have children by an alien race they were doing business with. It was a wives tail and was always considered so, but Gio often wonders if there was not some strange truth to the accusation.

Both his uncles have been married several times, and have dated women often but never any children, at least no known ones. Gio is the last of his family. He doesn’t care. At age twenty four having lived what felt like two lifetimes amongst the stars Gio decided enough was enough and during a cargo transfer he smuggled himself off his dad’s freighter and into Starfleet. He had spent years secretly working on his applications and testing finally discovering an old hand of his Grandfather’s who would sponsor him quietly for acceptance. He applied and made the cut, barely. Barely was enough.

When he arrived at Starfleet Academy he was the “old man” on campus. He knew things others did not about ship systems and making broken systems come to life. He had practical experience unlike many but he wasn’t that smart. Grades came hard. He struggled in everything academic. But his hands on experience, his love of technology (which he never had much of as a kid scraping by on Star Freighters barely flying) and his ambition to be commissioned carried him through the Academy with enough points to graduate.

In the middle of his first year his grandfather made a surprise visit to the Academy and tried very hard to get him to resign but Gio stayed, breaking his grandfather’s heart. He offered Gio his own ship and part of the company, as he had all his other sons. He pinned the hopes and future of Saldo Freight and Transport on Gio’s shoulders and tried with guilt, the promise of wealth and fortune, even the promise of a further future date of entry into Starfleet for Gio to come back to the family business but Gio resisted and stayed in school, alone. It was a hard four years. There were days, mostly late nights when Gio would ask himself if he had made the right choice, those evenings were often followed by failed tests and other personal setbacks which all seemed to fall in line with his grandmother’s “curse” concept, but he persevered and remained loyal to his desire to be commissioned. After four years at the Academy he was commissioned ensign as an operations officer and shipped to a sprawling starbase in the middle of nowhere, The Preserve.

He has just finished a year and a half of duty Hephaestus Fleetyards handling menial tasks with a natural knack of understanding and get the job done force. He is well liked by his fellow officers, commanders and other departmental personnel. He is a pleasure to work with. He enjoys being a Starfleet officer and hopes to achieve more, much more in his future but his past seems to haunt him, continually. He hopes that with a new assignment to a ship slated to travel out of the normal space ,out into the less known he will be able to escape the “curse” that seems to follow him everywhere. Saldo Freight and Transport is not currently working in The Preserve, Gio hopes this will finally be the end of that family baggage chasing him across the stars and through time.
Service Record 2376 – 2388: Served various civilian roles onboard privately owned Star Freighters with in his family’s business Saldo Freight and Transport he has been highly capable of many positions on freighters since age 12.

2389 – 2393: Cadet Starfleet Academy, Earth Commissioned Ensign (Operations)

2393 – 2395: Hephaestus Fleetyards, Sarona System (Operations Officer)