Lieutenant Jaen Ochoa

Name Jaen Ochoa

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species human/el'auruian
Age looks between 23 & 29 but is 527 years old

Physical Appearance

Height 165cm (5' -5")
Weight 55kg (121#)
Hair Color brown
Eye Color brown
Physical Description Slender but athletic build from rehabilitation. Most of her clothing hides the scars/tattoos that she has. An easy smile is often seen, even though her eyes flicker with serious intelligence. Jaen appears as a human between the ages of 23 to 29 but is older than that, as she is a hybrid.


Spouse unknown
Children unknown
Father name unknown, he was a scientist, this too is unknown
Mother name unknown, she was a doctor but this too in unknown
Brother(s) unknown
Sister(s) unknown
Other Family unknown

Personality & Traits

General Overview She is a quiet, studious, serious and yet a cheerful individual. One who likes to learn new things and is often reading or learning something during her free time. Jaen has learned to enjoy life, well the only one she knows as she has accepted that much of her past is unknown to her.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Jaen randomly seems to know things in other fields of expertise, as if it were a memory that nudged itself forward.

An example would be: She could care for a burn with certain equipment, almost like a medic or
nurse. She could easily tell you about how a pocket watch or old clock is made up of gears and
springs and took a mechanism to wind it to keep it running is she was handed one. (ooc: these are
things of her past, hobbies or what she watched as child in an emergency room/physician office)

(ooc: Like most people today, her interests could be expansive, but they would be dabbling's, not expertise's and 'if' she wanted to continually learn and grow from or with this knowledge. With living a few hundreds of years. yes, a character like this could be 'god-like' however that is not very fun to write. Especially with other people to write with as this is a collaborative writing game. Please note, I will be thoughtful about how I respond in other areas outside science. I like to ask before I leap and do things.

However her field of expertise, science, keeps her focused. Science is a vast field in itself.

Any other things that she would know would be precisely, that, restrictive, her knowledge of the medical field would be restricted to things she watched/did basic assistance with/did for her mother as she grew up. Simple medic type things, she could wrap a bandage around a wound to help stop the bleeding aka a band-aid. Any medicines she would know would be pretty much limited to what she might need to know in a science department, immediate intervention for accidents. ie: aka rinse with water (usually) for chemical splashes, fires-don't use water but some other suppressant.

Strength/Weakness: Jaen is a strong willed individual, she wants to keep trying to find solutions when and where others would have given up. Independent, doesn’t always like to ask for help. (ooc: She is learning to be a ‘team’ player and also let others do what they do best, delegation type situations)

Weaknesses: Jaen really has no clue who she is, where she comes from or anything prior to waking up on a bio-bed, from an extremely bad accident on a refit of a ship. It is apparent that her position was not that of an engineer or operations but that she was there in another capacity

Has an unknown fear of… it will be related to something science and labs. (ooc: Precisely she doesn't have a fear of science or labs, rather a fear of enclosed spaced with fire in them and explosive sounds, Doesn't mean she won't work through it and it doesn't mean she will seize up and refuse to do her duties.
Ambitions Jaen doesn't seem to have any ambitions at the moment, one could find this odd. But she has learned not to try and force memories to return as she has failed often in that regard and so tries to let them return normally. So far she has had none.

So, Jaen seems to only know the most recent few years and her past seldom nudges its way in, because she cannot remember and doctors are unsure as to why. They feel it could return as suddenly as it disappeared.

Hobbies & Interests Jaen likes butterflies for some odd reason. Putters around with plants. Has a pet she cares for. Is looking forward to learning new things or discovering old interests she did not know she had.

Seems to be able to read and speak Federation standard, other languages she can read and understand many languages when she hears them (she can translate quite easily written words, but makes errors on heard words) She also speaks very few languages words, of any other then standard. She however has an interest in other languages and took a few at the academy, but she does not speak them in any fluent capacity. (Vulcan, Bajoran, Klingon)

She may develop others over time.

Personal History Born like many of her species, to a father and mother who loved her dearly and wanted only the best for their daughter.

Her early education occurred on whatever ship/outpost/station/freighter/planet her parents served on at the time. She was given every opportunity to not individually excel but rather to explore everything or anything she wanted. Her interests ranged from various fields of science to those of the medical field to even some small areas of engineering. These are more childhood interests, and not her current areas of expertise. She is 500+ years old, she would have experienced many things if she had spent any time on Earth… and she may have. (ooc: the world will never know or at least I don’t think it will.)

She seems relaxed in the hospital ward when she was brought to on Earth for her rehabilitation as if she had spent a lot of time at one. She could tell the doctors, nurses what most of the equipment did even if she could not name it. (here too this is knowledge from her childhood, that her mother taught her as an inquisitive child and probably carried over into her teen years. For example: It (a hypro-spray) administers medicine. A (bio-bed) scans a person's bio-signs. There would be other pieces of medical equipment she would have known and now, she is trained as a scientist, some of that equipment overlaps.

Most of her history is just unknown at this point, no to little data to support much – the medical staff never found out where she came from.There is little else that they or she was found with or about. other than her name and that she was a scientist, rest of data was not shared nor could it be found in Federation or civilian earth databases. The authorities who turned her injured body over to medical personnel after transporting her away from the project she worked on, had listed her name, and that she was a scientist there to help place state of the art, scientific equipment, in the refit. (ooc:this was deliberate, she hid her race from people like Guinan did on earth, when she had first arrived)

Jaen as she was first called when she awoke from her injuries had many questions she wanted to ask and couldn't due to not being able to speak. Broken, facial bones and muscular issues from her time unconscious and in coma continued to use the name she was called and it seemed to suit her.

Healing took a long time, and thought she was patient, some frustration occurred. After several months, seemed like years… after her time of therapy, learning to re…. walk, talk, motor skill retraining etc. Jaen was allowed to leave the facility she stayed at and returned only for weekly for therapy and counseling sessions. Jaen was unsure of what do with herself.

She went into the civilian sector on Earth and gained employment at first at a museum doing cataloging. When she heard about Starfleet her curiosity was peaked and she started to explore what was required to enter. It took a few years to accomplish that goal as she really had to start over. Because of her memory loss and continued therapy.

Jaen paused her thoughts of joining Starfleet and chose to head to the university instead. Jaen learned she had an aptitude for many different science fields and also medical. Her choices eventually ended her with a PHD in a area of science, I am thinking anthropology and or archaeology. (She does have previous science degrees, this info will come out over time)

It was at her first posting on Solr-Beta One outpost then that she heard once more of Starfleet and chose to try and join. Upon her acceptance she attended the academy in San Francisco and graduated in the top twelve percent of her class. Upon graduation she was assigned to the USS Strife as one of the many science officers, became an assistant and then she was transferred to the Polaris as the next step in her natural course of command.

(Medical History: includes, broken and reconstructed facial bones, as well as a spot in one arm and both her legs, skin grafting and repair, possible thin hairline scars maybe on one cheek. She has other scars other places from all the damage of what occurred, burned, broken and really it's a miracle she survived the accident she cannot remember.)
Service Record Science officer – unknown with whom, as she was a private contractor in the civilian sector. when she did the refit on the ship where the accident occurred, it was covered up by the company as they found out she couldn’t remember anything and they took her away from the ship and admitted her/handed her over to the medical staff of the federation.

Solr-Beta One (Civilian scientist)

Starfleet Academy - San Francisco

USS Strife - science officer and then assistant

USS Polaris - Current