Prologue: Everything Old...

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Mission Info

Status Current Mission
Description The U.S.S. Polaris is nearly ready for the maiden voyage she never had. Rushed to completion at the height of the Dominion War, the Galaxy-class ship was immediately sent to the front lines. This kind of ship of ship was never intended as a weapon of war though. After decades of nondescript service inside the Federation heartland, the vessel has recently undergone a complete refit, which is nearing completion. Only one thing is missing - a crew.
Start Date Thu Jul 26th, 2018 @ 12:05am
End Date Sun Aug 26th, 2018 @ 12:05am

Mission Summary

Docked at Hephaestus Fleetyards and nearing the end of a total refit, the Polaris is awaiting her crew. As they prepare for their voyage into the barely explored region known as The Preserve, the senior staff will need to look to the past in order to prepare for their mission. Over 150 years ago, the Walker-class U.S.S. Shasta was chased out the region, nearly destroyed by a since unseen enemy. The ship's logs have not been reviewed in many years, and the crew will need to review those logs in the hopes of garnering some understanding of what they're getting into.

Meanwhile, an unexpected problem with one of the ship's brand new secondary computer cores leads the senior staff to believe sabotage is the cause. What secrets will they uncover on deck 30?

All that while just trying to settle into their new home. And their mission hasn't even begun.