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Malicious Code

Posted on Fri Aug 24th, 2018 @ 3:15am by Lieutenant Commander Deianira Coldbright & Petty Officer 1st Class Walker Nguyen

Mission: Prologue: Everything Old...
Location: Main Computer Core
Timeline: MD03 1318

Towering banks of isolinear chips lined the walls of the Polaris' primary computer core casting a blue glow across the dimly lit room. With a satisfying click petty officer 1st class Walker Nguyen inserted another chipset into an open port. He had arrived two days ago, along with his wife, Eliza. As expected, both had been put to work almost immediately. The lieutenant commander from the fleetyard had sent Walker to the depths of the ship, deck 30, to complete the installation of the ship's new primary computer core. Thanks to the design of the Galaxy-class, with its two additional cores and multiple redundancies, the ship had been running without its main processor during the majority of the refit.

"That's the last of those," the thirty-something Asian man muttered to himself as he turned away from isolinear banks. A sleek computer access terminal was situated in the center of the chamber. Walker slid smoothly into the high backed chair position there. "Now, let's finally boot this bad boy up," said to himself as he tapped away at the controls. Cerulean light intensified as the isolinear towers came online with a resonating hum. Strings of numbers and letters scrolled across the monitor in front of Walker faster than he could he read. That was normal for the activation of a new computer core.

What wasn't normal was the random strings of inconsistent code he kept seeing whiz by. Even less normal was the way the lights on the isolinear banks began to flash intermittently. Nor were the sparks that started flying as one of the plasma conduits running behind the control rooms walls exploded igniting a burning emerald-hued fire. "Computer, activate fire suppression systems," Nguyen cried out as he pushed himself away from the console, overturning the chair and sending it flying across the room in the process. Like most areas of the ship, the computer core was equipped with micro-force field generators that could starve a flame of oxygen. Within second the glowing green reaction was neutralized leaving a gaping hole about nine inches across in the isolinear banks. Walker stared into the hole which narrowed into a cone shape as it went deeper into the bulkhead approaching the elecro-plasma distribution network that ran throughout the ship. The metal was still glowing with the residual heat from the short burning fire.

The lights in the room flickered and the console Walker had vacated in haste went dark. Within seconds the two backup computer cores had picked back up ship's functions. The transition though should have been instantaneous and unnoticeable. Concern and confusion apparent on his dusky features, Walker ran one hand through his dark, spiky hair and with the other tapped his communicator. "Nguyen to bridge," he said slowly, still surveying the damage, almost dumbfounded. "I think we have a problem."

On the bridge, lieutenant commander Deianira Coldbright cast a puzzled glance at the ensign manning the operations console when the lights dimmed. She was standing at one of the auxiliary monitoring stations on the port side. "Main computer core came online and went offline just as fast, commander," the blue-skinned Benzite reported.

Deianira started to ask for more details but was stopped short as her comm badge chirped and Walker's message came through. She tapped the delta shield on her breast. "Something to do with out computer mister Nguyen?" she responded.

"Yeah, commander," Walker's voice said over the channel. "Something went completely haywire with the start-up sequence. We've got a ruptured plasma conduit and some serious damage to the isolinear banks."

The commander ran a hand through her dark hair. This was not a setback that they needed with the ship's launch only a few days away. "At least we're in a good position to get repairs completed quickly," she said, thinking out loud. The musing was followed by a heavy, drawn out sigh.

"Its more than that, captain," Nguyen said.

Back in the core control room he had managed to come back to his senses and was re-booting the console. "I really think that you should come down here and see this, captain. I'm no expert, but this doesn't look like an accident to me."

"I'll be right down," Deianira's voice came over the channel in the core.

Coldbright tapped her communicator and closed the channel. "Ensign, you have the bridge," she said to the ops officer. The idea that this was something other than an unfortunate accident was troubling. She turned and made for the turbolift, tapping her comm badge again on the way. "Coldbright to Saldo and Ochoa. Please meet me in the main computer core."

She tapped again as she entered the turbolift, not even waiting for the operations and science officer to acknowledge her summons. "Deck 30," she said as the doors closed and she was whisked away toward the lower decks.


Lieutenant Commander Deianira Coldbright
Commanding Officer
U.S.S. Polaris

Petty Officer 1st Class Walker Nguyen
Computer System Specialist
U.S.S. Polaris


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