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Mission: Prologue: Everything Old...
Location: Main Computer Core
Timeline: MD03 1334


Walker had kept the fire suppression force field active even after the burning plasma had been extinguished, keeping the ambient radiation and the smell of ionized metal and plastics at bay. While waiting for commander Coldbright to arrive he'd been working at the access station to try and locate the strange code that he had noticed during the computer's start-up sequence. With millions of lines of computer code to dig through it wouldn't be a quick process. He was hunkered over the monitor, squinting at the rows of small, yellow computer language when Deianira came through the doorway.

"Mister Nguyen," the commander said as the enlisted man stood up. "I wish we were meeting under better circumstances."

He nodded in return. "Agreed captain. You can see the damage..." he began and turned toward the gaping, irregularly shaped hole in the isolinear tower.

"Let me stop you," Deianira said holding up a finger. "I've asked lieutenants Ochoa and Saldo to join us. If this wasn't an accident, I'd rather involve them now, rather than have them play catch-up."

Gio was trying hard to finalize the ship's systems. They would be launching and while he had been ahead of schedule from the Yard's perspective, he was no longer caring about the yard. Now the Polaris was his concern. Having been startled by his comm-badge and a dead ended response, Gio decided to move rather than talk. He could do more face to face than over the comm system anyway. He rolled his tools into his carryall threw it over his shoulder, grabbed a PADD and headed for the turbolift. "Deck 30" he said. As he traveled there he began pulling systems' diagnostics and monitoring programs up on his PADD he wanted to have as much data as he could before he arrived. He wanted to be ready for whatever was troubling the commander and the ship likely. The turbolift seemed to be taking too long, seconds were passing but it felt like minutes.

Gio arrived and walked directly towards the commander, "Captain, you called? What seems to be the trouble?" He eyed Nguyen not knowing who the petty officer was but introductions could wait.

The door had not even begun to shut as Jaen Ochoa stepped rounded the corner and jogged the last few steps in and the slowed as she entered quietly behind Saldo. Jaen saw the others gathered around something that still smoked slightly. She clenched her teeth together as the smell of fried circuits wafted towards her, it triggered her innate desire of flight versus fight alarm but Jaen stayed put, the Captain had requested her to meet here and there did not seem to be any other immediate threat. "Captain" Jaen acknowledged and nodded at the other two men.

Gio stepped to his left in order to make additional room for the new officer, one he had not met. He would begin introductions after the captain spoke if they did not occur in the due course of time. He began assessing his PADD and the data from the ship's logs concerning the damaged panel. The data was scrolling as he side stepped for the science officer.

"Gio, Jaen - thank you both for coming so quickly," Deianira said as the full group came together. "Mr. Nguyen says that this wasn't accident," she motioned to the smoldering hole in the isolinear banks. "Care to tell us why?" she cast her glance at the enlisted man.

"Yes ma'am," Walker said and stepped back to the console in the middle of the room. "As I was booting up the core, I noticed several lines of computer code that didn't look right." He zoomed in on a section of computer language from the core's start-up sequence. Not only was it not standard Starfleet code, it was written in an entirely different format. "I can't say that I recognize it."

"We need a clean sample in order to analyze it." Gio said his fingers running as fast as he could move them over his PADD. He quickly built a capture program and locked his PADD out of the Ship's systems so that he would not move the foreign code around further. If the main computer was infected it might be too late. But if the redundant systems were stiff functioning he might be able to keep the code from spreading. Having a sample for study separated form the main computer might also help the team figure out what to do with it and how it was spreading. He checked his screen and saw that he had captured a sample. It was still in the main computer but it was contained in the PADD and isolated for diagnosis. "Computer, lock main computer backup out from main computer systems. Authorization Saldo Tango Nine Gamma." The computer beeped an affirmative. It might be too late but if not at least they had one system that would not continue to be seized further by the foreign code. "Computer, place that auxiliary in system safe mode and loop it continually on itself."

Gio looked at the code. "Good eye Nguyen, unfortunately it is unfamiliar to me, any one recognize the language?" He handed the PADD to Ochoa.

Jaen had been quiet for a few long moments, as a puckered expression fixed itself on her face for the moment. "It is Cardassian." Ochoa stated in a matter a fact soft tone. "What is puzzling," Jaen paused and tilted ehr head and glanced at each of the other two men before she looked down once more "is that this section" She pointed at the few lines of the code. "Seems to be in the wrong location for this to run properly." She moved her finger and pointed to lines of code above the current position. "It would probably do a better job here."

Gio could not have stopped her if he'd wanted too. The scientist had made a programming correction he had not seen. "Captain I suggest we disconnect all communications and data transfer between the ship and all other receiving units, especially the main computer at Hephaestus and any communication arrays within range. If this thing begins to spread it could cripple the Federation." Gio could not affect a disconnect of that magnitude himself, that was for Captains not Jay Gees.

"Computer, disconnect and disable all communications functions, including transponder and computer data transfer. Isolate U.S.S. Polaris computer systems behind a level 6 firewall. Authorization Coldbright Omicron-Seven-Three-Nine," she spit out the command and corresponding security verification hastily, fearing the digital contagion could have spread.

"Let's be a bit more careful everyone," she looked at the three crew members huddled in the small chamber with her.

Walker tapped on the console, checking that the shutdown was completed. "I think we've still got it contained captain," he said glancing up at Coldbright.

Jaen looked back and forth from the communications officer to the operations officer. "The question remains what is its intended destination and why. But, more-so what is its point of origin?"

"I guess that's what we have to find out," Coldbright deadpanned. "Jaen, Gio," she looked from the scientist to the operations chief, "work eliminating the program and undoing any damage it might have done. Walker, work with Hephaestus's quartermaster to get us a new main computer core on the double."

Gio relaxed about a micro meter. "Captain we will do all we can from here. I am just glad we locked this thing down now we can begin the process of figuring out who and where it came from." Gio looked at the scientist, "Lieutenant, thanks." Her observation and correction had enabled him to see the potential threat.

Jaen gave a brief nod of acceptance of the man's acknowledgement even though she really had not done anything. "We should get started immediately." Jaen stated to the Saldo.

"Right away, ma'am," Nguyen's reply was lost in the affirmations from the two senior officers.


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