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boxes, crates and suitcases

Posted on Sun Aug 19th, 2018 @ 10:42pm by Lieutenant Jaen Ochoa

Mission: Prologue: Everything Old...
Location: previous quarters
Timeline: MD01 0530

Jaen sat on the floor her legs crisscrossed under her as she looked around the items that lay in a semi-circle in front of her. The menagerie of items were of a personal nature. A holo-image of a group of people their hands held raised glasses and all were smiling. A stack of books, a bit of odd relic type items, a potted plant that just had tips of green coming up out of the variegated soil that it been planted in was what remained of her items. Then there was her pet, he laid all stretched out next to her right hip. Jaen absently rubbed the smoky grey fur for a moment or two and then picked up another book and wrapped it in packing material and placed it in a small crate on her left.

Jaen glanced up at the wall computers chrono that she had set to display the time, she noted that she did not have much time left to finish packing and moving her items to the shuttle that was going to take her and at least one other person to a new assignment. She stood up and gathered the books and practically dumped them into the crate. Picked up her pet projects and sighed as she looked at the heap of books. She set the other items down and straightened the books, added the plant with a lid of sorts to its top and placed the odd and ends of her projects on top of that, grabbed the holo-image of academy friends and shoved it in and snapped the lid on and closed it. Uniforms and personal items were next, but they never took long. Jaen carried very few ‘pretty things’ as she like to call them, so that left most of her uniforms and a set of running shoes that she used for her therapy sessions, and exercise. Who knew that muscles needed constant up keep almost as much as the body needed food for fuel. She grabbed an apple on the way to the bedroom and glanced around as she went to make sure nothing was forgotten. A loose, over-sized sweater was snagged as she went by the chair and hugged it as she took a bite of her apple. Jaen spoke out loud between bites and chews to her Risan Lunarian Caracal “I hope you are almost ready to go.”

Jaen did not get a response from the smoky colored beast except it flicked its tail as if to say I am not going anywhere and I do not know why you bother to bring it up. His owner’s voice carried lightly though the door way as he heard the rustle of the closet door and clothing moving, He blinked lazily and flicked his tail again and Jaen’s voice carried back towards him. “Time to go, get into your bag.” The sound of a snap and a snap as the two latches closed on Jaen’s baggage and the softer click as she opened his cage door.

Jaen walked back out into the main room looked around once more and nodded to herself. “I think that is everything. In you go.” She set the bag down and the caracal closed his eyes and flicked his tail.

Jaen raised an eyebrow at him and tilted her head and nudged her head at the carryall. “In” She took a few more bites of the rest of her apple and placed the core into the disposal unit for composting. She turned and started back towards the smoky colored feline looking beast. “Seriously, get in.” she said softly he didn’t move and she chuckled softly as she bent to gather him off the floor. He darted into the bag as her fingertips brushed along his back. He turned around once, a second time, brushed the soft blanket that was on the bottom with a padded foot and paid down his dark eyes blinked and closed.

Jaen chuckled “I did not think you wanted to stay behind” She picked him up and headed out the door, towards the shuttle bay. Arrangements had been made to gather her things and transport them aboard and soon she was off to a new destination.

Jaen settled back in her seat, it was the one time she would be able to relax, she set the caracal at her feet and leaned back to close her eyes as the shuttle doors hissed shut. She took a deep breath to calm her nerves, the ride wouldn’t take long and before she knew it she would be aboard the Polaris.

Lt. Jaen Ochoa, CSciO
USS Polaris


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